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Kámen Zbraslav


Information Architecture

UX Design

Project for studio

Kámen Zbraslav is one of the biggest producers of crushed aggregate in the Czech Republic. They provide a complex supply of materials for the entire construction. Stone, sand, and concrete. The bulk of their customers are wholesalers, educated in the business and know what they want. The problem arose with small-buyers. Their ordering emails contained unclear and poorly specified requests, so processing them was too complicated. This fact caused a large number of unprocessed orders from small buyers. 

Huge amount 
of badly specified orders


Only 5 of 100 orders from
small buyers are processed

Increase the amount 
of well-specified orders


More processed orders 
from small buyers


We added information important for the customer to the site 

List and map of establishments
The offer of available materials at the establishments

We shot the materials, in a one-to-one measure. So the customer can compare the dimensions according to the ruler above.

Delivery options

We added clear delivery options where we explain how transport works and what are the options in each region. 3D animation of cars makes it easy for customers to select the right type of car for their purposes.


We included a form for non-binding order for stone, sand, and concrete

The customers can specify their order exactly in a way how Kámen Zbraslav needs it. No more necessity for going through unclear emails. 


We created the way of rapid processing of orders

All orders end up in the administration, which makes it easy to classify them and create price offer. Delivery of orders to the construction site is then controlled via dispatching. Via applying of this process we helped the company to make ordering and delivering their products much more effective.

Electronic Order

Order Processing 
in Administration

Price Offer

Delivery Managing 
and Monitoring 
via Dispatching 

Material Delivery 
to the Construction Site
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