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Design is a tool which enables me to have a positive impact on society and human behavior. As a user experience designer I keen to focus on human, human interaction and relationships. On the other hand, I expand my understanding of the multiple agencies, dependencies, and relations that make up our world.
My aim is to be ethical and responsible towards society and environment when working in general.

I am critical to social issues. I am especially focused on human-technology relationships and interactions, embodied interaction, interactions between humans and humans and other species.




My main focus these days is a startup ImpromptMe. I designed the app which aims to help it's users to meet in person through the efficiency of online connectivity. The mission of this project is to bring the focus back to face-to-face interactions. We are currently developing a conference version of the app, which will simplify networking on the conferences. 

Find the project here.

Happy Hours

Startup App

Happy Hours is another startup I am currently involved in. It's a marketing tool for venues, which provides benefits for its users. The app suggests personalized happy hour offers for the customers based on their previous orders.


Work Experience

Before that, I was gaining my experience at a web design studio Refresh primarily focused on building product websites and ordering systems. I created a UX design solution for a website for rock mining company Kámen Zbraslav, and also designed a website and e-shop for a chain of cinemas Cinestar.

How can we google more efficiently?

Master Thesis

In my diploma thesis, I was rethinking the search functionality of Google. I was focused on how can it work more efficiently, and how can people get the most objective information. 

Haptic Design


Besides that, I am interested in the field of haptic design and embodied interaction. Interaction with software systems in more natural, human way. Doing research in this field led me through a very mundane, frustrating and also heavily embodied experience of working behind the computer on a day to day basis. I don’t believe that technology has to create a wedge between our human relation to touch. On the contrary, I consider embodied interaction as one of the possible ways in which to bring the human touch to digital technology.
I published my article in a Smashing Magazine.


Art Project

In another research and art project, I am currently involved in we want to go beyond human-centric design and art practice. We seek ways to enable communication between and a better understanding of mushrooms, plants, and animals, including humans. To achieve these we use performance, research, hacking, writing, designing and collective meetups as methods for knowledge production.


Hackers & Designers Summer School

Open Set Summer School

2014 - 2016
MA Graphic Design
Brno University of Technology

2012 - 2014
Graphic Design Studio, Drawing Studio
Scholastika, Prague

2011 - 2012
Internship in Graphic Design Studio
University of Thomas Bata in Zlin

2007 - 2012
MA Marketing Communication
Commenius University in Bratislava


from 2017
UX Designer, Visual Designer
Startup ImpromptMe, Prague

from 2017


2016 - 2017
UI/UX Designer
Refresh, Prague

Open Set, Rotterdam

Art Director
Publicis Prague

2009 - 2010
Copywriter Junior
MUW Saatchi & Saatchi, Bratislava



Design Research

Artistic Research





UI/UX Design
Interaction Design
Information Design




Editorial Design



Graphic Design


Art Direction


Video editing, Animation, Drawing, Illustration, Typography,
Exhibition Design, Branding, Marketing

I value communication at the highest level because I think having a good understanding of the current situation and goals, in general, is fundamental to achieving great results.

So if you already have some idea or you are in a need for a solution let's get in touch and get some work done.

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